Eye-catching small business web design

Small business website is best suited for businesses that will not require frequent updates. It is aimed at those businesses that use their web presence mainly to promote their business through online channels to encourage potential customers to purchase their products or services.

Small business or static website is just a term used to describe a website that is not database driven. Small business website, is the simplest and the easiest way to establish the online presence of your business.

Small business web design in Edinburgh

Whether you are an individual or a small business who wants to promote their products or services online but have a limited budget, a small business website is the most cost effective solution.

To make your business stand out in the marketplace amongst your competitors, you need a well-designed and well thought out website. Think of the path that potential consumers go through before they decide upon buying a product or a service – they surf a the web, they look at the number of websites and narrow them down to two or three companies that they will actually enquire about.

Having a modern and professional looking small business website will increase your chance of being one of them.

As a professional web designer I can design, develop and host superb and eye-catching websites.

With prices starting at only £375 I can deliver a professionally looking small business website at the most affordable price in Edinburgh.

Small business website at the lowest price in Edinburgh

A small business website it is the fastest type of website to design however making editorial changes to the content requires a web programming knowledge and relevant web design applications. Opposed to a Content Management System, a small business website is easier to develop therefore initial fees are significantly lower than CMS's website fees.

Once the website is live, any changes to your website which you may require in the future can be completed by me quickly, efficiently and what's more important... cheaply.

If you have a limited budget and you require a simple but professionally looking website, with a content not exceeding 10-15 pages and without a need of frequent changes, then a small business web design is the best solution for your business.

Benefits of small business websites:

  • Low price for design and web development
  • Best for smaller companies without a need of frequent content changes
  • Search engine optimisation friendly
  • Easy to modify, however coding knowledge is required

My recent small business web design projects:

small business web design
small business web design
small business web design

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