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If you are looking for an experienced freelance SEO consultant in Edinburgh that provides proven results - you're on the correct site. I offer cost-effective SEO services tailored individually to your business and your marketing needs.

Nowadays to be successful in any business there are certain marketing and advertising techniques that you need to have just right in order to get the most out of your business online. One of them is to have a professional-looking website that can be easily accessed and found online by potential customers. Secondly, your website must have a high ranking in Google and other popular search engines otherwise those potential customers won't find you!

Why to hire freelance SEO consultant

There is no point in having a fantastic-looking website that customers cannot find due to a low Google ranking. A well-designed and optimised website should appear on the first page of Google not only by typing the name of your company, but it should also appear high in search results with a number of appropriate keywords specific to your business. Otherwise the investment made into getting your website designed and set up will turn into unnecessary cost and will not pay itself off.

As a web designer and freelance SEO consultant in Edinburgh I can design every aspect of your website so you can be certain that you're getting the best possible results in terms of design and SEO. Each website goes through a detailed web design and development process. Poorly designed websites usually do not rank higher than the 4th or 5th page in Google, or in the worst case scenario, are never to be found by customers. That's why it's so important to think about SEO, design and website copy at an early stage of the web design process.

In the past, effective SEO and well-designed websites didn't always go hand-in-hand. It was easy enough for businesses to create poor-looking websites with keyword rich content and a high number of backlinks to appear on the first page on Google search results. For a number of years, Google has been urging web designers to create user-oriented and user-friendly websites, but there was never a 'reward' for well-designed websites.

Recently, Google changed how their search engine works and how results would be generated and shown on the Google search result page. Nowadays, user experience is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimisation. Google can now detect whether your website gets enough attention from visitors and how genuine and 'organic' your website content is. A number of user-orientated factors are taken into consideration when calculating the search result position, such as average visit time on your website or a bounce rate (percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave the site rather than continue viewing).

Edinburgh SEO services

There are two main stages of Search Engine Optimisation: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Both stages are equally important in a long term, powerful SEO strategy.

As a freelance SEO consultant, before I take any SEO project on board, I always start by performing a full SEO audit. SEO audit provides valuable knowledge about your website, competition and keywords. SEO audit also helps to find ways to improve the ranking and provides an indication on how quickly higher positions in Google can be achieved.

On-Site SEO
On-site SEO
On-site SEO is a first step in reaching high position in Google. On-site SEO it's a process of finding the best keywords and improving the content and the structure of websites for better Google visibility.
Off-Site SEO
Off-site SEO
Off-site SEO deals with all SEO-based marketing activities outside of the optimised website. Off-site SEO is focused on link building and social signals via Facebook and other social media.
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click
PPC such as Google Adwords is a form of paid online marketing that is used to increase the number of people visiting the websites. PPC can deliver good results in a short period of time.

On-site SEO. First step towards higher ranking.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation is the first step in a process to achieve a high ranking in Google search engine results. The main purpose of on-site SEO is to prepare the content and the structure of the website in order to greatly increase the chances of it getting found in Google - and other search engines -by using the most important keywords that potential customers will search for when trying to find businesses like yours.

What's included in on-site Search Engine Optimisation

On-Site SEO Silver Gold Platinum
Business Recommendation Small Small - Medium Medium
Keywords - pages 3 6 10
Recommended for Targeting Local Local & National Local & National
Support Phone & Email Phone & Email Phone & Email
Extensive Website Analysis tick tick tick
Extensive Keyword Research and Analysis tick tick tick
Competitor Analysis tick tick tick
Meta Tags Creation and Optimisation tick tick tick
Website Structure Optimisation tick tick tick
Content Optimisation tick tick tick
Image Optimisation tick tick tick
Create & upload site map tick tick tick
Check for & fix validation errors tick tick tick
Check for/remove duplicate content tick tick tick
Google Analytics tick tick tick
Google Webmaster Tools tick tick tick
One off setup price starting:
SEO Price £289
SEO Price £499
SEO Price £729

The most obvious factor of on-site SEO is the usage of a keyword in the "Title" and "Description" of the page. This "keyword" may have a hugely positive impact in terms of SEO ranking. There are many other on-site SEO factors which, when used correctly, can improve the ranking of websites in search engines. Google uses almost 100 other factors to calculate the position of the website in the ranking! (more about SEO factors on Moz).

Google rules for on-site SEO are very clear; Google would like your website to provide the highest-quality content and the best visitors experience for your users by being informative and accurately describing your business and the service you provide to customers (find out more about SEO friendly sites).

While these rules seem quite straightforward, there are many factors that freelance SEO consultants should be aware of; for example Google may penalise the page where too many keywords are used on a single page (this is called "keyword spamming") or if multiple copies of pages appear on one site to maximise the content and keyword density. In many cases Google will apply a penalty for duplicating content on websites. It would be my job as an Edinburgh SEO consultant to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website and to apply my knowledge and experience in the process of creation or modification of the content of your website to help it to achieve the highest possible position in Google and other commonly used search engines.

SEO TIP: Ensure your website has engaging and original content that is of interest to your visitors and will appeal to your potential client base.

Off-site SEO:

Well, this is where the SEO consultant's job becomes a little more tricky! Off-page SEO includes all activities outside of your website and mostly involves creating successful social media campaigns and link-building activities to raise your business profile and online presence. The main objective of off-site SEO is to increase the popularity of your website and to drive traffic to your website. It can be achieved in many ways, but is particularly successful through social media, blogs or forums related to the type of service your business offers.

What's included in off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Off-site SEO Silver Gold Platinum
Business Recommendation Small Small - Medium Medium
Monthly Reporting tick tick tick
Support Phone & Email Phone & Email Phone & Email
Google Adwords management tick tick tick
DMOZ submission tick tick tick
Manual Search Engine Submission tick tick tick
Manual Directory Submission tick tick tick
Facebook page setup/management/integration   tick tick
Twitter page setup/management/integration     tick
Link building 20 30 60
Forum Postings 5 10 20
Article Creation 0 1 2
Social Bookmarking 5 10 20
Monthly price (no contract):
SEO Price £399
SEO Price £499
SEO Price £599

The SEO monthly benchmark report of how your website is performing in search engine ranking will be provided to you on a regular basis.

Google applies very strict criteria on link-building actions and prefers links to build naturally. A high number of links created in a short period of time may trigger Google's penalty. You might have received e-mails from SEO companies offering 200 links for £20 within a week. This is nothing else but an activity called "black hat" SEO – in other words, trying to trick Google into thinking the links are natural. Black hat is a technique used to achieve a higher search ranking in an unethical manner and against Google rules, and which usually involves using automated software. Backlinks gained using black hat techniques may improve the ranking in the short term, however over the longer term the website could be hit with Google's penalty for unnatural link building. Therefore it's very important to stay away from companies offering hundreds of backlinks, as this will harm the position of your website in the long-run.

Google's advice on off-site SEO is to create high-quality content that other websites would like to link to. If you provide services such as "construction work" or "plumbing" then you can almost be sure that you will not get much attention from other website owners and you will not get any links leading to your site.

My job as a freelance SEO is to acquire high-quality links to your website that will help increase the overall search engine ranking. Google updates search engine algorithms every 2-3 months, hence why it's important to stay on top of Google's requirements and adjust SEO campaigns regularly to achieve a high position in Google page ranking. In the past,if SEO strategy was being focused on a link-building philosophy, it was easy enough to make an assumption that building "x" amount of links would get the website to the first page of Google within 2 weeks. Modern SEO is all about social signals. While link-building is still an important part of every freelance SEO consultant's job, social media signals (such as links shares, likes and brand name mentions on Facebook) are becoming increasingly important in terms of SEO.

As a part of a bespoke Edinburgh SEO agency, I offer carefully prepared SEO plans. My strategy is to help your business to achieve a high Google ranking in the long term. For powerful SEO results, it isn't about quick fixes – it's about how to boost your page ranking permanently and how to maintain that over the longer term.

Process of effective SEO

Every website is unique. This is why I tailor freelance SEO to each business individually by setting up powerful and organic search terms (keywords) relevant to that specific type of business. To improve the search engine visibility I use white hat SEO techniques and follow Google's SEO guidelines to guarantee the best possible "organic" SEO results. During each website optimising process I follow a detailed SEO procedure in order to improve the search engine visibility and to achieve the highest possible ranking in Google and other search engines.

Successful SEO always starts with an Audit. During an audit I check your website's Google performance and I determine its strengths and weaknesses. By looking in to the code of your website I can check whether there are any technical glitches affecting a good SEO performance. The content and the structure of your website are also examined to maximise SEO efforts.

The final stage of the SEO Analysis is studying your direct competitors to find out why their websites are ranked higher and how we can alter your website to compete with these successful businesses.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of the SEO process. Choosing the right keywords is crucial in the SEO process and can easily make or break your business. By using professional SEO applications I determine keywords that are used by your customers to find services you offer. While there are many keywords which may be obvious (service + location) I also find and use niche keywords that can bring many visitors to your site a lot quicker. At keyword research stage I actually find out what people are currently searching for and suggest new services to clients.

After determining the most suitable keywords that should increase the number of visitors coming to your website I then optimise your website. I set up and grant you access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools so you can verify the live progress of local SEO in the Edinburgh area or any other areas that have been targeted. Depending on the type of your website and your SEO requirements you can choose amongst the SEO packages below. With a Silver SEO package I optimise your website with 3 keywords; best results can be achieved if a single page is optimised for a single keyword, for example, if you have a plumbing business then typical keywords for the main page may be: "plumbing Edinburgh", "gp in London".

To achieve a high position in Google search ranking by using high competition keywords, a long term SEO strategy should be implemented. During the off-site SEO stage I work on building links, writing a blog, submitting your website to quality directories, creating campaigns and looking after your business on Facebook and Twitter accounts. I also continuously work with on-site SEO to achieve best possible results.

Your website at the top of Google. Get results fast!

All websites that I have optimised have started to return measurable results, such as an increased number of visitors, an increased number of sales enquiries. Below is a short list of keywords that I have targeted form some of my clients and the results that the websites achieved on Google after I completed the SEO work. I'm proud to say that the majority of the website that I have optimised achieved first page on Google with on-site SEO only (single set-up price).

Keyword Page in Google
bathrooms Edinburgh 1st
bathroom fitters Edinburgh 1st
Edinburgh roof coating 1st
wedding band Edinburgh 1st
end of tenancy cleaning Edinburgh 1st
Edinburgh Cleaners fluctuates between 1st/2nd
accident repair Edinburgh 1st
coachworks Edinburgh 1st
chimneys Edinburgh 1st
vein clinic 1st

Get in touch to get a free SEO audit of your website.

If you are unsure which SEO package you should choose – DON'T WORRY and just get in touch. While most of the SEO companies in Edinburgh won't look at your site without a fee, I offer a friendly and professional SEO consultation free of charge!


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