Easy to use Content Management System Websites

Take control of your online presence with a user-friendly and powerful content management system. All feature rich websites that require a database driven facility, such as a car hire booking system or an estate agent's website, are built on content management systems.

CMS provides an ability to review, edit, publish and manage the content of these websites quickly and effectively without advanced knowledge or expensive web design applications. A CMS allows you to control your own website by making updates to its content regarding new products or services or sharing exciting news with your clients. It allows you to adapt any changes to your website quickly, hassle-free and at no cost.

What is a content managed website

A content managed website is based on the database, where all information including text and images from your website are stored. Each time someone visits your website the content is dynamically created in real time using the database.

A CMS website contains frontend (this is what the main page is called) and backend (administration panel that only you will have an access to). Updating the content does not require any advanced applications all you need is your favourite web browser. Using the web browser you will be able to log in to the secured administration panel (backend) to make all changes. Once the content has been created all results are displayed on the main site called a "frontend".

CMS development in Edinburgh

Keep your website up to date by taking control of the content yourself.

Without a question the main advantage of having a content managed website (CMS) is the ability to control the content of the website. A content managed website not only provides all the features and the functionality you will need but it is also extremely easy to use.

A content managed website allows you to change text and images using a standard web browser. You can use most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or even a smartphone including IPhone, Android based phones or Blackberry to update the content whenever you need to, meaning you're on the top of your website whilst on the move.

Every content management system comes with a user manager, which allows you to create multiple user accounts with different types of permissions, from updating just a single page up to allowing the ability to update the whole website.

CMS Admin Panel CMS admin panel. All features available from your favorite web browser (even from your smartphone).
CMS Text Editor Change text at any time. Easy to use text/image editor.
Adding images to CMS Adding new images cannot be easier. Just drag and drop files from your desktop.
CMS back up Keep your website safe witch scheduled backups.

Giving you control and scalability at cost effective prices

All start-up businesses need a cost effective and affordable web development solution that helps them to boost their business at the early stages without the extensive initial costs. CMS websites are generally more costly than other types of websites, however in the long term they prove to be more cost -effective due to all the changes being completed in-house.

If you choose a content managed website you do not have to do any of the work yourself. Once the website is live you will have full access and be able to change anything you need.

Benefits of CMS

  • Recommended for websites with many pages
  • May contain advanced database driven features
  • Non-technical users can edit content and expand a website
  • When a new page is added or removed a menu is updated automatically
  • Updates to the site can be made at any time even using your mobile phone
  • New content is automatically available to all search engines.

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